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Per Bill Polhemus:  
>In general, I have found over my eight years of using STAAD III (user  
since around version 7 or so), that it's not really the PROGRAM ITSELF,  
that's the problem, but rather Research Engineers. < 
I would echo this opinion - the basic program isn't that bad but the 
documentation and correction of bugs is severely lacking.  While the program 
does have some "real" bugs, many of the bugs I've found are simply a lack of 
documentation of the program, such that results may not be what you expected.
I've suggested some areas to be clarified to RE, but they appear to ignore 
such suggestions.   
We will continue to use STAAD III, but we are considering buying RISA 2D for 
use on simpler frame models.  Years ago I used STRUDL (on a mainframe) and 
thought the documentation at that time was better - is anyone familiar with 
the current WINSTRUDL program?  How good is the documentation provided?   

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