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Fwd: Re: Concrete in Salt Water Environment

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On Mon, 24 Mar 1997 22:12:44 -0800  Norman Brudigam wrote:
>Lynn Howard wrote:

>I don't have an opinion on the epoxy coated steel.  Caltrans seems to
>use a lot of it.  Putting a thin coating on steel, which is normally
>handled very roughly, seems like a bad idea.  you can't help but get
>nicks and scrathes and an inspection hassle.

We use a lot of it in our bridge decks here in Montana.  It's undeniably
nicked and scratched.  The 
contractor's supposed to fix that in the field, but you know how that goes. 
Anyway, the Wiss, Janney and 
Elstner report to the contrary, it sure seems to add *some* to the deck life.
 On the other hand, we've 
only been using it for about fifteen years, so we don't have a definitive
answer yet.  The epoxy coating 
is pretty cheap additional insurance, and it sure doesn't hurt anything.  I
wouldn't rely *only* on that 
for protection though, but use the other measures Lynn and others have listed
along with the epoxy bars.


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