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Fwd: Re: Concrete in Salt Water Environment

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>I am in a quandary as to what to do with the reinforcing steel.  We are
>going to use type V concrete, cover all steel with 2.5" minimum cover,
>use a strength of concrete in the range of 5000 to 7000 psi, and use a
>low W/C ratio (around .45)

Depending upon the projected life of the structure, I would certainly look
at a cathodic protection system.  I've used epoxy coated bars which corroded
in about two years due to chipping of the epoxy during installation.
Galvanized bar is pretty expensive and possibly the same problem - i.e. -
lost of galvanizing during installation.  I've got a long seawall - that was
considered temporary, that we used the galvanized bars.  No one has called
about them, but I've never had a lot of confidence after looking at some of
the pier structures in Southern California that were coming apart.  Extra
concrete cover doesn't seem work over time, just look at the homes in Foster
City, some with the fairly thick slabs broken in half (horizontally) due to
salt water intrusion.  We took core samples of one of these and then sliced
them and documented the salt intrusion.  

Just my $.02 worth.

Neil Moore

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