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CarlS95(--nospam--at) wrote:
>In a message dated 97-03-20 22:27:03 EST, Bill Polhemus wrote:
><< BTW, I once complained about some shoddy handling of our company's 
> account with RE on the STAADUG listserv, and my company was sent a 
> letter by RE demanding that I apologize!

>Then what did you do?  Call your lawyer?

Nah.  I just ignored it.

>The reason I'm asking is that I've
>been tempted to pop my opinion of STAAD-III on the listserver, but have been
>hesitant to say something that might get me in trouble.

There is a distinct difference, sometimes, between what is perceived as 
"injurious," and what is real injury.

In my case, I am a private citizen, not representing my company in any 
way, shape or form (hell, we ALL know we could be working for someone 
ELSE next week!)  I am entitled to my opinion, and even entitled to 
express it publicly.  RE know this, but they figured the bluff is worth
at least the price of a stamp.

I am not out to defame them in any way.  There is much about their
structural analysis and design product that is commendable.  But they
OUGHT to be addressing the problems in their product, which problems are
real and of concern to their more discriminating users, instead of
addressing threatening letters to their customers!  That's just not good

FWIW, we did not receive any follow-up from them.  They have our money, 
we have their product, however imperfect.  I guess it's a devil's 

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