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Bill Allen, S.E. wrote:
> If your analysis needs are not very demanding (i.e., you don't need 3D, or
> non-linear analysis), you might want to look at Enercalc's FastFrame. I
> recently posted a comment that I down
> loaded a Beta version (5.0.8) 
> The only functional problem I was having it turns out was
> "operator problems". 
> The only two other problems I had were more cosmetic. The header did not
> print my company name, etc. properly Michael has said that he has fixed
> this. The other item is, when viewing the graphic results, the Moment
> Diagrams did not change when the load combination selection was changed.

I would caution anyone using a "BETA" version of FASTFRAME for use in an
actual design.
This program still has some bugs that need to be worked out.  In fact,
users of BETA programs are supposed to report bugs to the programmers so
they can fix them.  I reported some myself, the more serious of which
have already been fixed.  But there remains some bugs that may or may
not be a problem for users, depending on how carefully they look at the
results.  The diagrams for shear, moment and deflection when you look at
the overall frame are not always correct, while the same diagrams for
the indiviual elements are correct and differ from what you see on the
overall frame.  To a trained eye, you can see the error and use the
values that are correct.
Just remember, the new Windows version of Fastframe is still a "beta"
release, and should be used with caution.  We need to give Michael
Brooks some time to get feedback from users and correct known bugs
before it should be used as an office design and analysis tool.  When
complete, I think this will be a very good 2-D frame program.


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