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Fwd: Re: Computer Crashes

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The easiest way I've done this is, from my Windows Emergency (Boot) disk, I
type sys c:. Unfortunately, this isn't enough. I usually have a corrupted
FAT as well as cross linked files. BTW, since installing Win95B bypassing
DOS, there is nothing in my autoexec.bat and only DEVICE=HIMEM.SYS and
FILES=60 in my config.sys.

Only one time when I had Norton Utilities 2.0 (for Win95) installed and
prepared Rescue disks did it work. Booting from the rescue disk, I typed
Rescue. The program identified that my boot sector was corrupt and fixed
it. Other times, it did not help, so I removed it.

Thanks for your input.

Bill Allen

I now have the compressed files from the Win95 subdirectory of the Win95 CD
in a directory in BOTH hard drives. I do my install (and reinstall if
necessary) from any disk that I have available. It is much faster than from
the CD (mine's a 2x :-( ) and I do not have to install the CD driver to
reinstall Win95. This only takes about 30mb of space.

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> Subject: Re: Computer Crashes
> Date: Tuesday, March 25, 1997 8:10 PM
> Bill,
> Next time your computer says "missing operating system" try this:
> 1. Boot from Win95 Starup disk.
> 2. Copy to your C:\ directory
> If you have not created Win95 startup disk, you can do that by going to
> Control Panel and double click on "Add/Remove Programs" and then Click on
> "Startup Disk"
> Your crashes are probably caused by an entry in AutoExec.Bat file.
> Shafat

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