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Fwd: Mac software

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We have 4 or 5 copies of Multiframe for the Mac.  It's a great program
(the rendered graphic display is very handy for verifing member

I also use FrameMac, it's nice for quick and dirty 2D stuff.  

Another program that works well on the Mac is COSMOS/M, it's a high-end
finite element program that is nice for more complex applications like
seismic response spectra design.  It has alot of element types and
features modules for static, advanced dynamic, nonlinear, thermal,
fluid flow, etc...  It's desirable to have a 150MHz 604 or equivalent
machine to run the advanced features, although we got by on Apple
Quadra class machines for a long time.


<excerpt>>This sounds good.  Any ideas on when(if) a Mac version will
come out.

>I guess we Macheads should sick together in these parlous times. Have

>checked out Multiframe? Their web site has a downloadable demo. I

>do much in the way of actual buildings, but the demo looks very good,

>the price is right.

I visited their WEB site but I could not find anything there that would
tell me the price for it which probably means its expensive :-(. 

What I have been using is a program called Framemac.  It works pretty
well and only cost about 600 bucks:-) but it is not supported very
well:-(.  The latest version was issued way back in 1987






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