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Bill Allen's hope for something constructive to come out of the discussions
on "Quality Issues in Engineering" is still alive, at least for me. I've been
following this thread and printing most of the opinions for my file, and
hopefully, if I have enough time, I'll try to summarize them, indicating
different opinions from various engineers and convert  it into a form of a
"Letter to SEAOC President from Concerned Engineers from the SEAOC
Listserver". I'll post this summary when I'm done and hopefully get some more
opnions, corrections or comments.

I remember a previous thread of discussions about the provisions of the UBC
on conventional light frame wood construction where structural analysis and
signature of a licensed engineer is not required if they followed these
provisions. There was a major concern about appropriate connections at the
top of interior shear walls which was not adequately addressed by the UBC
provision and may cause structural inadequacy of the building to properly
resists lateral loads. After a few discussions, the thread stopped. This is
one of those issues which I was hoping too that concerned engineers in our
group can do something positive and constructive.

Here's my thought. If only we have a step-by-step procedure on how to do it,
maybe it will happen. For example, after an issue has been discussed for a
while and a summary letter is drafted with signatures from engineers
participating in the discussions, the "Final Letter" is sent to appropriate
Government Agencies or Organizations who are in a position to act on this
mattter. And I hope that if they receive letters from other groups on
simmilar issues or concerns, they might do something about it. If there are
enough people voicing similar concerns, I don't think they can afford to
ignore them.

Now, if we can just write down a step-by-step procedure on what to do from
the time we start a discussion on a particular issue, getting people to
participate in the discussion, get one person to be in charge of keeping
track of names and opinions, prepare a summary, draft a letter, etc. This
will take extra effort and time on our part but it is one way of achieving
our goal.

I'll try doing this on the issue of "Quality..." and let's see how it goes. I

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