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> From: Jacques Prat <mail(--nospam--at)>
> To: ListServer <seaoc(--nospam--at)>
> Cc: Nancy Oveis <nso(--nospam--at)>
> Date: Thursday, March 20, 1997 2:21 PM
> James F Fulton wrote :
> >
> >..., I would be interested in knowing what other programs structural
> >engineers on the listserver have found to be generally better to 
> >use than STAAD3...
> James :
> First, I would like to tell you that my opinion about S.E. programs can
> be not very impartial because my company has been involved in the Robot
> V6 adventure since its first days (12 years ago) with RoboBat. Moreover,
> I would not want other engineers on the listserver, think I am using the
> S.E.A.O.C. service as a low-cost advertising support. That is not the
> case.
> I am a structural engineer, in the South of France, manager of the
> company Prat SA., Structural Engineering. I guess you will forgive the
> poor quality of my English.
> Very simply, I can say we tested the most of structural engineering
> programs we could find all around the world, but we continue to work
> with Robot V6 which is the best program I know, specially for steel
> structures (using many different standards) and also for F.E.A.,
> particularly for heavy dynamic problems. The graphical preprocessor is
> nice to use, analysis is complete, powerful and the fastest I know,
> surely the fastest of the world. Results are or graphically given, or
> listed with many possibilities. The steel postprocessor can analyse and
> optimize 3D structures in a very professional way, using hierarchical
> concepts - very powerful. You can change the units, the language or the
> standard you use with a mouse click.
> Although I consider Robot V6 is generally much better than its
> competitors, I must say that is not THE PERFECT PROGRAM. Particularly
> because Robot V6 is still a DOS program (the Win version - Robot 97,
> will be only available in some months for the full version) and also
> because some customers did not find the manuals as nice as the
> program...  (perhaps the program is too nice :-) !). The magazine Modern
> Steel Construction reviewed some well-known programs in its January 97
> issue and said very nice things about Robot V6.
> If you are looking for a good program, Robot V6 can be the response you
> need. It is distributed and technically supported in the USA by US.SE
> (NY). Robot V6 is already used by several American well-known companies. 
> If you have any question about Robot V6, be free to ask me. I will try
> to answer as a Structural Engineer and not as the manager of a company
> involved with Robot V6.
> More about Robot V6 and RoboBat on :
> More about Prat S.A. on :
> You will find the US.SE whereabouts on these webs.
> Jacques Prat, S.E. engineer, France

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