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Fwd: Re: Advertising of the list -Reply

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Again, the wise man speaketh!!!  How true your comments are...and I often
refer to your editorial when speaking with customers.
I really apologize for what appeared to be advertising by me...I had just
changed computers, and went from Netscape to MIE..which I have never found
as user friendly as Netscape.
Right after I forwarded my message ... it dawned on me how to reply
privately.  I think changing to a laptop, and all the difficulties I had
configuring everything overwhelmed me!!
It wasn't even my message, but Jacques Prat, who is a member of the list,
but couldn't reply for some reason..which I think is that he tried from a
new address he recently acquired.
The list is for help..and if appropriate we vendors can jump in and
help...sometimes it it hard when people are downing your product to keep
quiet..but as in everything else, I have found that what goes around comes
Take care wise friend,
Patti Freling

From: Dennis S. Wish PE <wish(--nospam--at)>
To: 'seaoc(--nospam--at)'
Subject: RE: Advertising of the list -Reply
Date: Monday, March 24, 1997 7:24 PM

I've been following this thread for the past week or so without comment. I
think that I may have a few opinions to share on this issue.
One of the fun tasks associated with writing SEAOC Online is having
software to "play" with. In reality, this is not so easy since we try very
hard to really integrate the software into our office production. This is
the only way that we can really evaluate and report on the merits and
weaknesses of the software. 
Rarely have I found that the press release accurately depicts how well the
software will integrate into our work space. Instead, I have the opinion
that most press releases are simply media hype to whet our appetites. 
Believing this, I feel that advertising on the listservice would not be
appropriate. I believe that advertising has a place on our Web page where
it can support and perpetuate the life of our server.
In the past week or so, I have learned of some new software from the
subscribers of this list. I learned more about the software from the user -
not the vendor. Your comments about specific software has an impact on
whether or not I would like to obtain more information.
To be fair, I do believe that it is entirely appropriate for the developer
of a product to respond directly to issues that are tossed around this
list. This is not advertising. The responses should be kept to the issue
and the vendor should refrain from "hyping" the product. It is IMHO
acceptable for the software developer to refer the reader to the location
of further information.  
Conversely, I feel that it is inappropriate for the user to state his
"opinions" with the sole purpose of discouraging others from buying a piece
of software due to a personal bad experience. There usually is three sides
to every story. For this reason our subscribers should be cautioned to
"flame" the developer by private email or not at all. Most business' work
through development or tech support problems and try to weed out the weak
links. What happened a few years back may no longer be relevant.
In closing, I would like to caution each of you as to how this list will
evolve. Keep it simple, ethical and responsible. Don't use the list as a
soap box to lodge complaints publicly and don't use it to advertise
Dennis Wish PE


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