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Fwd: Re: Cable and Fabric Structures

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In response to Jeff Crossier's inquiry, an o-l-l-l-l-l-l-d reference (1969)

"Design Fundamentals of Cable Roof Structures," a U. S. Steel publication
written by, J. B. Scalzi, W. Podolny, and W. C. Teng.

There is a structural engineering firm in Ohio that apparently does the
engineering for one of the fabric structure companies (which one, I don't
Their name is, 

H. B. Daugherty, P.E.
Consulting Engineers
6776 Providence St.
P. O. Box 2854
Whitehouse, Ohio  43571
Voice:	(419) 877-0243
Fax:	(419) 877-9488

This is current as of May, 1996.  I got involved in determining if parts of
existing structure would be adequate to anchor ***TREMENDOUS*** forces from

I would imagine that any fabric structure company would have their own
to do the design and provide the SEOR with the forces to the foundation or to
other structures and I would suggest that the design be left up to them.

I toyed with a cable structure many years ago when an eccentric, very wealthy
widow wanted to build an aviary on her property.  Displacement geometry,
including cable elongation, on the cables has a tremendous effect on cable
forces and this had to be accounted for by iteration.  (This was B.C. [Before
Computers]).  She changed her mind and the aviary was never built, so my
experience with cable structures has been in doing only the preliminay

Roger Turk, P.E.(S)
Tucson, Arizona   

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