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Fwd: Re: Article on "Bulb Tees" in March 1997 Civil Engineering Magazine

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On Wed, 26 Mar 1997 19:47:30 -0600  Bill Polhemus wrote:
>The article is entitled"Bulb-Tees Make More Efficient Long-Span Bridges"
>by Leo Spaans, P.E. or Janssen & Spaans Engineering, Inc., Indianapolis.


You raise some very interesting questions here, ones that hadn't occurred to
me after reading the article. 
Now that you mention how far folks have taken the AASHTO Type IV beams, it
reminds me that we've gone as 
far as 140 ft with what we call a "Type M72", which is allegedly a section
developed by the Minnesota DOT. 
Also, at the International Bridge Conference in San Francisco a year or so
ago I heard about one of the 
DOTs taking a similar section up to 180 ft (no, that's *not* a typo) by using
high strength concrete, with 
strengths as high as 10,000 and 12,000 psi.  The M72 section is sort of a
hybrid between a "standard" or 
classical AASHTO beam and a bulb-T, with a thin, wide top flange and a
"standard" bottom flange.

>N.B.: If anyone has an email address for Mr. Janssen, I'd love to send 
>this to him, and get his response directly.

Please share his response with us if you manage to do that.  You might be
able to get an email address for 
him by calling or contacting ASCE headquarters.


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