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Fwd: Re: Opinions for List Server

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In a message dated 97-03-29 17:20:46 EST, Bill Allen writes:

<<  I think the first thing we should do is find out how
 many other participants are interested in this issue to the extent of
 producing something concrete. This should be a simple yea/nay vote. I
 believe if there was a significant interest, then someone should prepare a
 simple survey form (yes, no, I don't know, I don't care) developed as a web
 page at the SEAOC web site. This survey data could be tallied a lot easier
 this way. Also, I believe names should be required on the form and limit
 the survey participation to voting members of SEAOC. This is just one
 suggestion. I'm sure there are several ways of doing this.
 The other extreme would be just to send the printouts of the comments on
 this subject to the SEAOC leadership and request for a response. >>

I would be opposed to the first suggestion.  There is the possibility that
the proration of yea versus nay opinions(i.e., lack of consensus) might not
necessarily be reflected by the author of the "position letter"(apparently to
represent the "listserver subscribers"), unless the wording of the letter was
also made the basis of a subsequent survey.

I would recommend that the digest of pertinent issue discussions be forwarded
to SEAOC for consideration.  However, if this is done the names, license
status, and SEAOC membership grade should be included by all respondents.
 This appears to be the most fair way of presenting information to the duly
elected SEAOC Board.  It does not seem to be at the extreme of possible

I would also suggest that those of you who have opinions pertinent to SEAOC
should certainly join the appropriate committee within your chapter.   

Gary Chock, S.E.

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