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Fwd: Re: Concrete in Salt Water Environment

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Lynn Howard wrote:
> There there are portions that are completely under water (the intake >line,
which extend several thousand feet offshore.)  And some of the >building sits
right near the water, but will only have salt water on >the structure during
a strom.

I would be very concerned with the splash zone, moderately concerned
with the portion above grade, and least concerned with the portion
continuously under water (due to lack of oxygen to allow the corrosion
process to occur).  Concrete cover could be varied for different
> >  0.40 is achievable with superplastisizers
> Yes, I was not considering the use of superplastisizers at first, but >if
it will allow the W/C ratio to drop to .40, then I am definetly >going to use

Some concrete suppliers are better than others when it comes to "fancy
stuff" like superplastiziers and silica fume.  I would not specify it in 
a rural area with only one supplier.  In a major metropoliton area it is
easier to get fancier concrete.  I don't have a feeling for Santa

> I am considering the use of Fly ash, or possibly slica fume.  

I can't think of a reason why you would not use at least 15% flyash
replacement of the portland cement. It improves permeability,
workability, lowers the heat of hydration and most concrete suppliers
have it because it reduces the cost of the concrete.  Its a win-win. 
Silica fume is more costly and harder to get in an out of the way place.

Norm B.

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