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Fwd: Re: Article on "Bulb Tees" in March 1997 Civil Engineering Magazine

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>On Wed, 26 Mar 1997 19:47:30 -0600  Bill Polhemus wrote:
>>The article is entitled"Bulb-Tees Make More Efficient Long-Span Bridges"
>>by Leo Spaans, P.E. or Janssen & Spaans Engineering, Inc., Indianapolis.
>You raise some very interesting questions here, ones that hadn't occurred to
me after reading the article. 
>Now that you mention how far folks have taken the AASHTO Type IV beams, it
reminds me that we've gone as 
>far as 140 ft with what we call a "Type M72", which is allegedly a section
developed by the Minnesota DOT. 
>Also, at the International Bridge Conference in San Francisco a year or so
ago I heard about one of the 
>DOTs taking a similar section up to 180 ft (no, that's *not* a typo) by
using high strength concrete, with 
>strengths as high as 10,000 and 12,000 psi.  The M72 section is sort of a
hybrid between a "standard" or 
>classical AASHTO beam and a bulb-T, with a thin, wide top flange and a
"standard" bottom flange.

In Texas, we also have such an animal as you describe.

Georgia DOT and Alabama HD each have something called a BT-72, which I
BELIEVE is called a "bulb-tee" but I don't have dimensional info so
can't tell if it's the same.

>>N.B.: If anyone has an email address for Mr. Janssen, I'd love to send 
>>this to him, and get his response directly.
>Please share his response with us if you manage to do that.  You might be
able to get an email address for 
>him by calling or contacting ASCE headquarters.

Good thought.

BTW, MY SINCERE APOLOGIES!  I posted my original late in the evening 
after a long day, and I kept referring to "Mr. Janssen," when I should 
have written "Mr. Spaans."  I hope he doesn't sue me!

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