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<< Subj:	Opinions for List -power from the community
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 Historically, I haven't placed too much of my confidence upon the
powers-to-be in SEA to accomplish much at code level based upon the concerns
of the community. Single Family Residential construction has not (at least
until Northridge) been considered important enough to even add experience
points for CE's planning to take the SE exam. Now due to the cost of damages
incurred by Northridge and Loma Prieta, the Insurance lobbyist have forced
the building industry to perk up an ear and take attention to the quality of
residential construction.
 As Bill Allen suggested, if enough voices can be represented, then a letter
should be drafted to the SEAOC board to urge action to improve legislation
for residential construction. Conventional framing per the UBC is potentially
dangerous in the hands of a non-professional.
 I have been an advocate for the removal of the conventional framing section
of the code for the last four years or so. Unfortunately, my voice and those
that support this position have fallen on deaf ears. 
 As editor of SEAOC online, I have added threads of our Listservice
discussion as a regular feature in the quarterly newsletter. Issues such as
this are reprinted for two purposes. First, to urge engineers who are not
connected to join our discussions by showing the community the level of
professional discussions and peer assistance that we share with each other.
Second, to let the SEAOC board (as well as other SEA chapters that subscribe
to Online [almost 7,000 readers]) know what we are discussing and hope that
they take in interest as to what is occurring  "around" the community rather
than just within it. 
 If this turns out not to be sufficient, (possibly many of the board members
are not computer literate enough to utilize an email or isp account) then I
urge each of you to cut and paste these threads into individual letters. Mail
them to your local SEA chapter and demand that committees be formed to
address these issues.
 Bill is absolutely correct. There is power in numbers and if we can not get
the attention of the SEAOC board and bring them to the list, then we need to
bring the list to the board.
 Dennis S. Wish PE


I would suggest that these letters be addressed to other structural
engineering associations in addition to SEAOC (SEAOSC, SEAONC, SEAOCC,
SEAOSD), such as SEA of Washington, SEA of Hawaii,  SEA of Nevada, etc. since
they often have opinions on proposed code changes to the UBC.  Without the
support of these and other structural engineering organizations, it is very
difficult to get code changes approved at the annual ICBO meeting. Trying to
make code changes in the UBC becomes very political because of all the
players involved as I know you are aware of.

Once code changes are adopted by the UBC, then SEAOC may have a better chance
to influence adoption of such changes by the local building juridictions in


Michael Cochran

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