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Fwd: Re: plywood shear transfer detail

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In a message dated 97-04-04 18:38:43 EST, you write:

<< The vast majority of folks in this
 country, and an even greater percentage in the rest of the world, live, work
 and recreate in non-engineered structures, and all without being aware that
 some aspects of a building won't "calc out".  And they'd shrug their
 shoulders and view us engineers as chicken littles if we tried to convince
 them there are theoretical problems.  Calls for brick *hithouses to be
 engineered just give the public impressions that engineers are a
 lot.  To paraphrase my fire marshal friends ("we have zero-tolerance for
 unsprinklered buildings"), Bill Allen's position amounts to a zero-tolerance
 for unengineered buildings, something that the public will have zero
 tolerance for.
Well said Frank, I could'nt agree more.  However, it does pose a legal
problem in our profession.  I have told my clients many times that old
conventional framing will not "calc out to code" but performs.  We need to
find a good compromise and a balance between reality and rejecting what can
not be "calced out".

Anand Nene, S. E.

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