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Fwd: Re: Calc out to code

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Y. Henry Huang, <yhh-la(--nospam--at)>
In the beginning, (The First Civil Engineer) created heavens and earth...

From: yhh-la(--nospam--at) (Henry Huang)
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Subject: Re: Calc out to Code

Anand Nene, S. E. wrote:
>> I have told my clients many times that old
conventional framing will not "calc out to code" but performs.  We need
to find a good compromise and a balance between reality and rejecting
what can
not be "calced out".<<

I hope this is not to be taken as a cheap shot.  But guys, what about all
these SMRF buildings that we "calced out to code" before the Northridge
earthquake? in San Francisco Bay area, and in areas not affected by
Northridge earthquake?   Please read carefully a copy of the SAC Phase II
project summary dated February 1997.  There is a good, long list on what
we still need to know
(or to know better).  Does anybody think SAC is simply crying wolf, or
wasting money research on things we already know well, experienced in,
and earned a license for?  Reading some of the postings I wonder, but I
don't think so!  There are many very smart people in our profession
working day and night on those issues now.

BTW, please don't blame the "high ground motion" for the SMRF problem. 
We should know better by now.  For the time being, I am going back to
study the SAC findings and continue wondering how I design the next
building..... There is a lot to be learned, and I will admit that, my

Y. Henry Huang, <yhh-la(--nospam--at)> In the beginning, (The First Civil
Engineer) created heavens and earth...  

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