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Fwd: Notch in GLB

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Thanks to those who responded to my request from this morning.

I personally don't like when somebody is standing behind me with the
working electro-saw, and questioning can I cut it? :)

But sometimes it is just the nature of the biz.  Recently though, I
mentioned the increase in the number of request for ASAP "back of the
envelope", "not a big deal" calculations.  What's going on with the world?

Back to the technical matters.  For those who interested, I did OK the
notching of the glu lam, providing that there will be a 3/4" dia. X 12"
embedment lag bolts installed at each end of the notch, and 3" wide coil
strap at the top of the notch extending 6 feet each side. This and the fact
that the reduced section checked out for bending, shear and deflection
makes me somewhat confident.

The only question remains, should I suggest a cut at the slope to reduce
the concentration of stresses.

Thanks again,

Sasha Itsekson

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