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Fwd: Re: plywood shear transfer detail

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At 10:38 PM 4/3/97 -0500, you wrote:
>      I am refering to residential wood frame construction, with plywood
>shear panels.
>      Typically, on the plans, i see a top plate shear transfer detail that
>shows a plywood panel edge nailed to the upper plate ( wood 2 x 4 ) of the
>double top plate then a simpson a35 to a block above.
>     While performing structural observation today i see a problem that must
>be common:    The plywood panel is 8'tall-1/8". The wood wall is 8'-1" (
>92-1/4" studs ). With a minimum  !/2" ( even 3/8 " ) the top edge nails are
>either in the crack between the two top plates or in the bottom top plate
>that may ( probably ) not have appropriate shear transfer to the upper top
>plate and the a-35 above.  
>     If the nails are angled, they must be over/under penetrating the plies
>by the nailhead.
>     Since this is such a common condition , i would appreciate any thoughts
>on this detail.
>     This may be hard to understand in this text but next time you observe
>the top plate edge nailing of an 8' shear panel you may see what i mean.
>     Tom Harris, SE
>     Thousand Oaks, CA


I have seen this condition too.  The way one can deal with it is by nailing
the plywood to the bottom plate and nailing both plates together with 16d
at edge nailing spacing staggered.  It may not be the cheapest solutution
but may be the easiest.


Sasha Itsekson
Huntington Design Associates, Inc.
Oakland, CA

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