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Fwd: Re: Interior partitions and pre-mfg trusses

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Joe McCormick wrote:
> I agree completely with Dennis that the conventional framing section of the
> code is something that should go by the way of the dinasours.  At least in
> zones 3 and 4...too many things can go wrong, and they're all in the
> details!

Agreed, that the details are extremely hard to convey via the written
sections of the code. There are generalized details on construction
which often go a long way toward education (such as the toe nails issue
in the Blue Book commentary)

> I was talking to an engineer of veritable seniority over myself about home
> construction and pre-manufactured trusses resting on interior walls.  Of
> course, the code requires that a gap be left between the interior partition
> walls not designated as bearing walls and trusses for obvious reasons.  He
> told me that people simply didn't build homes that way.  They toe nail the
> trusses to the partition walls and omit the gaps.  My experience is that
> some inspectors let this simple item, which has major implications, slip
> by.  Contractors don't care that trusses have specific load paths and
> points of support! 

To borrow from Frank Lew...where are the bodies??

I guess a case can be made for bending and tension of the bottom chord,
but how many have actually "done the numbers" to defend this position. I
personally, have not come across a distressed truss situation related to
this issue. Has anyone information to support this concern?

Snip'd remainder

Barry H. Welliver

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