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Fwd: Re: Dead Load On Shear Walls

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>[Dennis S. Wish PE]  If it were up to me, I would not consider >the wall,
opting for the more conservative approach. However, >this was not what was
>Joe, you have a point, but if the load is co-planer than It would >still
have to be considered in the same manner as a beam resting >on the wall.
The issue of the failure of the holddown at the >compression chord is
probably correct, but is only a guess >without testing.
>I think we would agree, therefore, that the conservative approach >would
be best here.

[Joe McCormick] After considering the situation a bit more, I agree with
Dennis that
ignoring the cross wall dead load for shear wall overturning is the best
thing to do...

But at any rate, I think there is a real difference between a beam atop the
shear wall and a cross wall framed into the shear wall.  The load path of
the beam reaction is down through the shear wall, lateral loading or no
lateral loading.  The load path of the dead load on top of the cross wall
would be straight down through the cross wall studs to the foundation under
gravity loading only.  The dead load reaction of the beam is on the shear
wall prior to any wall rotation.  The dead load reaction of the cross wall
is not on the shear wall until the wall has rotated sufficiently to pick up
the load (effectively eliminating the column action of the studs in the
cross wall and turning it into a "beam" resting on the shear wall). 

Thanks for the helpful thoughts,

Joe McCormick

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