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Fwd(2): Wood column bases - when to use????

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I am sure it would not hurt to draw a typical elevation.....
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At 09:13 AM 4/1/97 -0800, you wrote:
>No, when I prepare plans and engineering, I expect the contractor and all
>the subs to read every note, every detail, etc. But, after the project is
>plan checked and the job goes to the field, reality sets in and the
>telephone starts to ring. I also realize that, if the contractor misses
>something on the plans, he has to fix it. However, this charletan attitude
>permeates our profession and stops us from trying to make the framing plans
>and details as simple to follow as possible (but no simpler). I believe a
>small note on the plans that reads "boundary nail all posts" could easily
>be missed. It also may be impractical to clearly detail each condition like
>this that occurs on the plans. My whole point is that I couldn't understand
>spending the time to properly detail this condition nor put a note on the
>drawing to generally instruct the framer for an issue that will provide no
>quantifiable structural benefit.
>I originally thought this would be a simple and straightforward thread when
>initiated. I guess it's true that we engineers are very capable of taking
>something simple and making it complicated!!
>Bill Allen


How about drawing a standard shear wall elevation showing where holdowns
are, where edge nailing, stud blocking.  That should make it easy enough,
shouldn't it?

Sasha Itsekson
Huntington Design Associates, Inc.
Oakland, CA

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