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Fwd: Re: Civil Engineering News ... Hummmm

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Lynn Howard wrote:
> Ray A. Pixley wrote:
> > Well, I'm not too happpy with that editorial either.
> >
> > Hummmmm
> >
> > This guy says "I've never met an unemployed civil engineer in the United
> >
> Ray-
> While I might not agree with your take on this issue, I must say your
> post was very well written and very amusing.  I usually do not read long
> posts, or at least I do not read them all the way through.
> But I found myself compelled to read every word of yours!


I knew it was long, wondered if I was just blowing off steam, but I felt
something should be said about remarks like his.  I trust you read it
with the magazine propped up beside your monitor and turned to the
appropriate page to get the full impact of the remarks.  I do admit
getting a little irritated when I hear some "expert" tell me I've never
had it so good and, furthermore, thinks I'm just going to just roll over
like a puppy dog and accept what he says as gospel because he is an
"expert".  I trust others will forgive me for the length.

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