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Fwd: Re: Conventional Framing in UBC

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In a message dated 97-04-09 12:41:42 EDT, Bob Shilling wrote, in response to
this comment:

<< Complaining to the SEAOC Boards (and Committee Chairs) is like preaching
to the choir.  Instead of targeting SEAOC and the others you list, might I
suggest becoming involved in committee work and creatively helping to make
the needed changes.>> 

His response was:

<Certainly a good suggestion (for some of us), but are you suggesting that
Dennis is not active in SEAOC affairs? I hope not.>


Of course I didn't mean to imply that Dennis is not active.  I was just
getting overwhelmed with all the bitchin on the List Server and can think of
lots more positive ways to invest one's effort.

Carl Sramek, S.E.  

P.S.---------->       : - )  

P.S.S.--------->  While I'm here:  I work for a modest size office and have
the utmost admiration for engineers like Dennis that work on their own.  It's
hard work to continually compete for Type 5 projects, considering the
business environment that seems to be prevalent.  I think that may be the
source of frustration.  It's these type of projects that cause some
Architects and "Civil-Civils" to try to do structural engineering work.  In
our office, we have Architects as well as Civil and Structural Engineers.  We
all respect each other's expertise and there are few, if any, attempts to put
each other out of work.  Of course, we have our own unique problems, but
that's a different story.

P.S.S.S.-------------> Dennis, did you get a good look at Hale-Bopp?

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