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Fwd: Re: LRFD anybody & CE vs. SE Discussion

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>> I am interested in finding out how many offices on this list
>> that use LRFD for steel design.
>> Tarek Mokhtar
>> consulting engineer
>Here's a little input from the Midwest (Ohio).  I work at a large
>industrial facility and perform all designs using ASD.  Most A/E firms
>we work with utilize ASD as well.  However, I realize that AISC has
>designated LFRD as the support code for the future, thus I have started
>reading to become conversant in the code.
>Another interesting item to note, in Ohio there is no state licensing
>distiction between a CE and SE, one test covers it all.  However, a
>licensed engineer should always weigh the liability associated with
>doing something which he or she has little to no experience doing,
>although he or she may have the technical (book) knowledge to attempt.
>Robert C. Rogers, P.E.
>**From Oregon I have my 2cts to add. We've used both LRFD and ASD in the
past but have found that ASD was less cumbersome in that it yielded member
sizes that were able to also pass serviceability checks such as allowable
deflection without any further iterations or up sizing. Because of this
we've reverted to ASD for our steel projects. The Canadians have an LRFD
that has sevice criteria that will allow smaller sized members and still be
acceptable. I was made aware of this about 10 years ago as I checked the
steel frame for a ski lift canopy structure. 
Yours Truly , Norb Volny, PE, in the boondocks

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