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On 4-8-97, you wrote:
"As this conversation progresses, I would see either a mass movement to take
the SE exam over and over until each CE is one of the lucky 13% that 
pass. OR, the terminology needs revising to protect the public."

I don't disagree with your position on your post, but I have to say, that I 
take great offense to even think that luck had anything to do with my 
passing the S.E. exam.  I know that my passing the exam on the first try was 
the result of selecting who I worked for, the type of work I did, applying 
myself at my job every day, and to a lesser extent, actual studying for the 
exam.  Luck had nothing to do with my becoming a S.E.

Jeff Crosier, S.E.

P.S.  I think you should take the exam, I know you'd prepare properly, and 
the profession would benefit with someone of your ability using the title of 
Structural Engineer.

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