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Fwd: Re: Conventional Framing in UBC

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In a message dated 97-04-04 19:44:45 EST, Dennis Wish wrote:

<< Every one of you that is concerned should make sure that each board member
of your SEA chapter (and CASE) be made aware of the consensus of the Internet
community and create the proper channels to promote legislative change.
Unfortunately matters will only get worse unless we start to empower our
professional community (nationally) on these issues.
 Copy the threads, stick them in an envelope, pay the 32 cents and send them
to as many structural engineering professionals, building officials,
insurance executives and architects as you can. Demand that the proper steps
(committees) be taken to accumulate, assimilate, and draft change. Lobby for
the votes necessary to adopt the changes in the name of safety in structural


Complaining to the SEAOC Boards (and Committee Chairs) is like preaching to
the choir.  Instead of targeting SEAOC and the others you list, might I
suggest becoming involved in committee work and creatively helping to make
the needed changes. 

Carl Sramek, S.E.  : - ) 

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