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Fwd: Re: cold formed steel

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I was somewhat vague in the original post.  More specifically, what I am =
curious about is experience in the design of metal stud trusses, parapet =
walls, shear walls with metal studs instead of wood, etc.  Several posts =
in the LRFD thread referred to the formula complexity of LRFD as opposed =
to ASD.  This made me think of the AISI code.  The code formulas that =
account for lateral torsional buckling, column buckling, web crippling, =
etc. are much more complex than for structural steel (LRFD or ASD).  =
Engineers in Alabama and other Gulf Coast states are having to spend =
more and more time designing with cold-formed.  Many of our applications =
(trusses) are handled the same as wood trusses, however, for shear walls =
there is not as much available info. on this subject.  Is this material =
used very often out West?

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I believe you will get little response from the SEAOC mailist.  I
suggest you post in sci.engr.mech or .metalurgy.  Both are probably
better sources than SEAOSC.

 Good luck

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