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Fwd: Re: cold formed steel

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Hey John:

John Cannon Jones wrote:
> I was somewhat vague in the original post.  More specifically, what I 
>am curious about is experience in the design of metal stud trusses, 
>parapet walls, shear...

I have looked at the UBC code requirement for studs and have tried doing
a couple of calcs.  UUGH!  Most of the metal stud stuff we have done so 
far falls into the catagory of fru-fru (Walls that don't do anything but 
provide support for ply and gyp and keep the wind out.  This stuff can be 
mostly done using manufacturer published tables).  
Every once in a while we end up doing something a little more daring like 
using steel studs to brace the top of a non-bearing partition wall up to 
the roof diaphragm.  I put together a couple of spread sheets using UBC 
code formulas to help with this kind of work but they are extrodinarily 
limited.  If you would like copies of these, e-mail me direct and I'll 
ask my boss if it's OK to let them go out of house (don't be suprised if 
the answer is no, we get kind of touchy about these things.  We have 
invested a lot of time into something that may not be worth the paper it 
isn't written on  {:o)}

As far as shear walls using metal studs goes, all I've got is UBC report 
Number 4144.  I could fax you a copy.

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