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Fwd: Re: Fire Damages Structures

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 Usually a big wood member will still have considerable strength.  If the
amount of wood left after the char is removed is sufficient for the forces
intended, you should be able to reuse it.  The question is do you want to?
Depending on the overall damage, you may want to demo the whole roof and use
all new components.  2x's are ok if they have only smoke or surface
exposure, otherwise, I usually replace them.  

I would think the spalling is from beams falling and their embedded anchors
pulling out of the concrete.

At 02:27 PM 4/8/97 -0700, you wrote:
>I've been asked to look at a tilt wall building with recent fire damage. I
>haven't seen the structure yet, but I understand the purlins and GLBs are
>charred. There is also some spalling in the tilt wall panels.
>Is anyone familar with guidelines that will help determine what has to be
>replaced and what can remain. My common sense is telling me that the
>purlins are probably bad, the GLBs might be OK and I have some concern
>about the spalled concrete since this is probably due to the expansion of
>the reinforcing steel.
>Bill Allen

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