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Fwd: Re: cold formed steel

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Rob Madsen and Niel Peterson of Devco Engineering, Inc. in Corvallis, Oregon
have extensive experience with light gage steel.  They are very well
connected with the light-gage industry and have been involved with research.
They can be reached at (503) 757-8993.

Joe McCormick

At 02:43 PM 4/14/97 -0500, you wrote:
>I was somewhat vague in the original post.  More specifically, what I am
curious about is experience in the design of metal stud trusses, parapet
walls, shear walls with metal studs instead of wood, etc.  Several posts in
the LRFD thread referred to the formula complexity of LRFD as opposed to
ASD.  This made me think of the AISI code.  The code formulas that account
for lateral torsional buckling, column buckling, web crippling, etc. are
much more complex than for structural steel (LRFD or ASD).  Engineers in
Alabama and other Gulf Coast states are having to spend more and more time
designing with cold-formed.  Many of our applications (trusses) are handled
the same as wood trusses, however, for shear walls there is not as much
available info. on this subject.  Is this material used very often out West?
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>I believe you will get little response from the SEAOC mailist.  I
>suggest you post in sci.engr.mech or .metalurgy.  Both are probably
>better sources than SEAOSC.
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