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Fwd: Re: FW: Civil Engineering News Editorial (April, 1997 issue)

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>Bills comments like those of others (including Dennis McCroskeys concern
for advertising in the Structural Section of the phone book) are, I would
hope, not intended to restrain the practices of Civil engineers that are
protected by the law to practice all area's of structural engineering except
for essential facilities and structures above 5 stories. I would also hope
that these posts serve the purpose to suggest a way to determine the
specialty of the engineer who advertises. 

Our phone book reads Engineers-Structural, which to me indicates those
listed in it are structural engineers.  I do get irked when I see civil
engineers listed in this catagory, (there are at least 2 in our book).  I
have no problem with a civil engineer listed under Engineers-Civil who
indicates they do structural engineering, I used to do it myself.  I get
even more irked when a potential client wants to know why I charge more than
these alleged structural engineers. The general public doesn't know the
difference and assums they are all the same.  Other than that, when I was
doing structural engineering as a consultant, the work I would get from the
phone book was not the kind of work I wanted anyway.  I would rather do the
schools and hospitals with fees of 10's of thousand dollars instead of Joe
Blow's garage addition for a couple of hundred. 



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