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 Caught in between:
 There has been some discussion in our office about designing to the minimum
 standards that the 1994 UBC will allow. 
 I am wondering what other office policies have implemented for their design
 standards, any comments?   

     I use the city of L.A. code/ guidelines for nearly all projects. I state
this in our contracts now as a condition of accepting a job. I have lost a
small percentage ( <5% ? ) because of this. Since this was put together by a
task force of government, seaosc, and industry members studying the failures
of the Northridge earthquake, i question using less. This comes up frequently
for us since L.A. city , L.A. county , and Ventura County require these
minimums but in some cities within the counties UBC minimums are allowed so
you can have different minimum requirements across the street ( in Westlake
village, even across the street within the same city because it has the
county line thru it ) .
     I do get comments about " overengineering " from the field the first
time a contractor / developer builds to this level but then they get used to
it and accept it. It would be alot easier to explain if everyone in seismic
zone 4 were using the higher minimums. Same with structural observation.

     Tom Harris, SE
     Thousand Oaks, CA

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