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Subject: Re: Concrete Wraps
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Date:    4/21/97 12:57 PM

XXsys Technologies, Inc. of San Diego utilizes an automated, continuous 
carbon fiber wrapping system for seismic retrofit and corrosion damage 
repair of concrete columns. They have also introduced a high quality 
system for strengthening beams, girders, joints, walls, utilizing  a 
pre-impregnated epoxy/carbon fiber woven fabric which is wrapped around 
the structural members. Both systems utilize fully monitored elevated 
temperature on site curing, assuring consistent, verifiable quality, 
effectiveness and durability.
The automated wrapping system underwent extensive testing at the UCSD 
Powell Labs, under the direction of Prof.Frieder Seible and Prof.Nigel 
Priestley.It has been succesfully utilized for retrofit of large 
Caltrans bridge columns and smaller parking structure columns.Three 
sizes of automated machines are available.
The technology was successfully applied on elements of a severely 
corroded bridge on Interstate 80, in Utah, by special request of UDOT. 
Further testing and research of retrofit/rehab applications, including 
wall and beam strengthening is being done at the Univ. of Utah, Salt 
Lake City, under the direction of Prof. Larry Reaveley and his 
An article on the application of this technology, authored by James 
Korff, PE, Director of Engineering Services, and Larry Cercone, PhD, 
Vice President of Engineering and Operations, will appear in the May 
issue of ASCE's Civil Engineering Magazine.
For additional information or assistance in the use of this new 
technology, check out the XXsys Web Page at or 
contact: James Korff at 619-974-8200 ext. 233 or jkorff(--nospam--at) to 
receive a technical info packet and video.

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