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Fwd: Re: FW: American Engineers have it good?

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>What I would like to see is for CE News to publish something on the poor
>risk/reward most SEs face in the architectural market due to the loosely
>worded and generous building codes and partly due to the professional
>associations apparent lack of legislative motivation to protect the


>Once these issues are properly addressed, I believe the salary issue will
>take care of itself and the survey will be unnecessary.
>Bill Allen


Educate me. Is this (poor risk/reward) a problem throughout the U.S. or just
in CA? How are the building codes written, by whom? Who, or what group, has
the authority to change the UBC? If this group is engineering-based then CE
News would be very interested in your suggestion. Otherwise, wouldn't CE
News be singing to the choir?


T.G. Stringer

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