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Fwd: Re: Concrete Wraps

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>XXsys Technologies, Inc. of San Diego utilizes an automated, continuous
>carbon fiber wrapping system for seismic retrofit and corrosion damage
>repair of concrete columns.
Just got finished checking out the web page. Coupla puzzling things--

1. I have some composite background, and it's not obvious how a 
circumferential wrap is going to strengthen a reinforced concrete column. 
The main strength of the fiber is normal to the load to be carried. 

2. I didn't see anything dealing with durability and how the overlay 
prevents whatever damaged the concrete in the first place from doing so 

3. In the column repair, the reinforcing was grit blasted and the 
concrete repaired. Seems to me that the concrete is now OK, although a 
small amount of rebar is gone. Why bother overlaying composite, now that 
it's all fixed up?

I'll be posting these to the Xsys web page, and I'll summarize any 
replies. In the meantime, I'd be grateful for any comments from anyone.

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