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Fwd: Re: ASTM A320 grade L7 anchor bolts

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     The A320 L7 bolts are alloy steel bolts specifically designed for low 
     temperature applications and are generally used for pressure vessels, 
     valve flanges and fittings.  The alloy is a chromium-molybdenum mix 
     and the carbon content is 0.38 to 0.48 percent.  The yield strength is 
     105 psi and the tensile strength is 125 psi. The minimum impact energy 
     absorption is 20 ft-lbf at minus 150 degrees F (WOW).
     Thomas Hunt
     Fluor Daniel

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I am looking for references about ASTM A320 grade L7 as anchor bolt 
material. Specifically, I am looking for criteria that toughness 
verification is required for anchor bolts.
We use A307 for anchor bolts to hold either steel column or steel frame to 
the concrete foundation beneath. In one specification we obtained,  it 
showed that A320 grade 7 is required for vibration and/or cold temperature 
exposure. It does not tell what level of stress the structure will be 
exposed to, whether the structure is subject to fatigue loading or how fast 
the strain rate of the loading.
I would appreciate very much if someone can point out some source of 
Thank you

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