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Fwd: Re: Calc-out versus reality

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I am interested in any literature that allows an engineer to acknowledge wood 
shear wall strength above and below small windows and doors.  Also, are 
holddowns required at intermediate window and door jamb studs if the window
door is small in relation to the shear wall panel?  Also,  does the double
plate offer resistance in bending against uplift at intermediate windows and 


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Check out the upcoming Wood Frame Construction Manual (WFCM) from America=
n Forest & Paper Assn., Washington DC.  It analyzes all members, connecti=
ons and cladding for wind and seismic forces.  Engineering design and pre=
scriptive provisions are detailed for wood frame construction for one- =
and two-family housing (e.g., conventional construction) and "calcs out" =
for all seismic zones and wind speeds up to 120 mph.  There are some surp=
rises and upgrades compared to present day code provisions.
John Rose/APA, Tacoma, WA

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