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Fwd: Arch/SE was Engineering Issues ad nauseum

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Bill Allen said:
>My most important issue is the one regarding unqualified persons performing
>structural engineering. To digress from my apparent "hard line" position
>about CEs doing structural engineering, I would like to focus purely on
>Architects doing structural engineering. I would like each of you to think
>of all of the Architects you have personally worked with who you feel is
>capable of analyzing, designing and detailing the lateral force resisting
>system for a simple structure, say a two story residence. Maybe not as good
>as you would, but good enough to meet all sections of the 1994 UBC. 

I personally feel that Architects should not be allowed to provide
structural engineering services in zone 4. I was asked by an architect a
few years back to explain the seismic induced accidental torsion
requirement  for a new building he was designing and engineering. It was a
wood framed building so apparently he did not understand the distinction
between rigid and flexible diaphragms. (which BTW will probably change in
upcoming codes) 

I know it took me several years out of college working for a structural
engineer to have an understanding for detailing of shear transfer, load
path and connections and I am still learning improved ways to detail
certain conditions.  An architect should undergo the same amount of
experience working for an engineer. If that is agreed then they would then
qualify to take at least the PE exam. Frankly, I don't know why an
architect would want to provide structural engineering services without the
experience. I know there is at least one Arch/SE on the list and maybe a
few more in the state :^)  Are Arch/SE's more likely to get there Arch
license first or visa versa?


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