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Fwd: Re: Engineering Issues ad nauseum

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Well said Bill, fyi

1.  I don't think Alan Goldstien is our friend in lieu of recent attacks by
him of our list server group, our web site and the On-line publications.

2.  Alan Goldstien makes far more than $60 a year and is paid by us?

3.  Architects should not be allowed to sign for any engineering.  They
don't have the training or knowledge.  They only learn general principals,
not details.  The architects exam is not very deep, but long.  It is all
very general.  You don't have to know a lot about anything, but you need to
know a little about a lot of things.  In 30 years of practicing structural
engineering, I've only met 5 architects I thought were capable of doing a
competent job of engineering.  All 5 of those are also licensed structural

Dennis McCroskey
Structural Engineer/Architect

>It's been my experience that the only structural engineering issue that the
>Architect should be held accountable for and the only one they're capable
>of is making sure the Structural Engineer of Record is paid. Period.
>So, maybe we can get off this CE vs. SE issue (for a while, anyway) and
>focus on this element.
>OK. I'm done.
>Bill Allen

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