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Fwd: Re: FW: American Engineers have it good?

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>I must add by 2 cents worth..
>I disagree with your article. Your article says that US engineers should
>not complain because they are better than Russian engineers.

No Shafat, the article says that "engineers in this country have it pretty
good" and that they should not complain. Period. Nowhere in the article does
it ask the reader to measure his/her success. It does suggest that you go
visit a foreign country for awhile. I realize not everyone is willing to
spend the money to travel (my week-long trip cost a whopping $1,500.) that
is why I thought I would share the experience. You'll just have to travel I
guess to learn what you take for granted.

A trip is no cure-all but the parallel point of the article illustrates how
other societies fight tooth and nail every day INSTEAD OF complaining. I
also realize that most anyone has it good compared to the Russians. Compared
to the CEO of CH2M-Hill for example, no, many engineers perhaps have it
pretty bad in terms of take-home pay. The difference however, is that the
Russians don't have the opportunities. We do. Another thing many engineers
take for granted.

>BTW, average $60 K salary is way out-of-line. I am an employer in southern
>California. Even here we don't pay that kind of salary to an average

I'll have to admit, from a common sense standpoint, $60 K seems high. When I
was in the business roughly ten years ago, $60 k was owner/principal money.
The average seemed like $30 something. You'll have to consider that the
majority of the CE News readership (not counting the pass-a-long reader) are
owners and principals of private consulting engineering firms.

Shafat, may I ask, just how much DO you pay your average engineers? And what
is your belief of the average salary of civil/structural engineers in the

Perhaps CE News will conduct its own salary survey. Would everbody like that?

Best Regards,

Terry Stringer, PE
CE News

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