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Fwd: Little Guy Sizes

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     Ara wrote:
     ....I would design the connection for Rw=1 per LA CITY requirements. I 
     believe SMERFS got canned but not the OMRF's. If I am wrong please 
     correct me since 70% of new projects use some kind of a OMRF.
     I am also in the dark as far as the % of damage observed on OMRF in 
     the Northridge EQ. All the research is concentrated on W 36 X Zillion  
     sections and no one is addressing the little guys doing structural 
     design of houses and shopping centers and even office buildings up to 
     two and three stories. Has any one seen weld or steel fractures on W10 
     or W12 sections?
     I believe this was posted before, but the SEAOC web site 
     ( has a very nice summary list of all the various column 
     and beam sizes that have been tested to date with notes on material 
     grade, welding electrode used, etc.  The smallest beam/columns I see 
     are a couple of W12x65 columns with W16x40 beams.
     The latest requirements ( August 14, 1996) I have for the COUNTY of 
     Los Angeles reads:
     "Welded moment resisting frame systems (special or ordinary) are not 
     permitted unless the connections proposed meet the following 
     requirements and are submitted to and approved by the County"
     Then they list all the material, welding, and cyclic test 
     The latest requirements (July 16, 1996) I have for the CITY of Los 
     Angeles have separate requirements for new construction of SMRF and 
     OMRF.  For SMRF, cyclic testing is required, however, the "engineer of 
     the record may present the interpolation of the current tests results 
     conducted by SAC to the Department for review".  For OMRF, cyclic 
     testing is not required but the "connections shall have adequate 
     strength to resist the design earthquake, elastically" in addition to 
     other requirements for OMRF's with flexible diaphragms.
     Thomas Hunt
     Fluor Daniel

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