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> I usually try to filter out whatever architect-trashing that goes on on
> list, however in this case I have taken note and thought about the issue.
> Through NCARB reciprocity agreements, I am eligible for registration as
> architect in CA. 
> This would allow me to sign for engineering design? Wow. This is truly
> shocking. Although my subscription to  this list suggests I would have
> greater than average interest in engineering issues for an architect,
> is no possible way that an architect's typical education and experience
> would qualify him/her for actually practicing engineering. In the past it
> may have, but certainly not at the present time. Now  you have almost
> me out of even visiting CA, or at least staying out of buildings when
there ;^)
> In British Columbia, architects and engineers have a 'memoranda of
> agreement' to not do each others work, so architects cannot sign for
> engineering, and engineers cannot design buildings (with some exceptions
> industrial type buildings) 
> Maura Gatensby Architect
> Vancouver, Canada
I think one point I left out in my first post on this particular topic is
that my comments are not intended to bash Architects. I have a tremendous
respect for the role they play on a project. This includes areas of
marketing, coordination and design. Their marketing efforts make it so we
don't have to so much of it. The coordination and integration of all of the
engineering disciplines, if done right, is a tremendous task. Finally, to
paraphrase Jesse Helms, I might not be able to define poor architecture,
but I know it when I see it. A project that is architectually designed
properly is a sight to behold particularly in times where most clients are
only interested in the bottom line.

I make this point not to suck up to Architects, but to make my point very
clear and that is I do not believe that, in general, Architects do not have
the training nor experience to properly design a lateral force resisting
system in high seismic regions.

We certainly do not have the reciprocal agreement you folks have in BC with
the Architects here. In fact, it is easier for an architectural design firm
to represent itself as an "Architectural-Engineering" firm than it would be
for an engineering firm to represent itself as an
"Engineering-Architectural" firm. This is because the California Business
and Professions Code that has stated that there is something special about
the word "Architecture" and not "Engineering". Further, the author of the
building code enforced in most of the western U.S. (ICBO) has made no
distinction between the capabilities of an Architect, Civil Engineer or
Structural Engineer.

So, next time you visit California or any other western US state and go
into a building, think back to your structural engineering classes when you
were getting your architectural degree and wonder who signed the structural
plans. Good Luck!!

Bill Allen

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