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Re: signing plans by others

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Wade Jensen wrote:

    [To all concerned participants,

    The quality of these postings may have just dropped to a new all-time   
    low.  We have nothing better to do with our time in the middle of the day   
    than discussing calculators, giving our life stories, and bragging about   
    our alma mater??  Come on people, I know that you are capable of much   
    more intelligent thought than this (at least I hope)!]

Those who regularly contribute to the list are a community of people that aren't one-dimensional as you seem to feel they 
should be.  A little bantering about personal issues helps us all to know each other better.  

What's the benefit?  As with any human endeavor, it generates trust, understanding, respect and a feeling of connection with 
each other.  Those who have participated for a while know the limits and have not, IMHO, abused the list (particularly Bill 
Allen, who has been one of the most active and solid contributors).  

You are certainly welcome to participate in the list and I hope you will.  I also hope we will all get to know YOU better.  
Please don't insult list participants.  Observe and particpate with respect for those who have been contributing far longer 
than you (I haven't noticed any contributions from you yet other than your bitch note). I think you'll find that we all try 
to help each other with structural engineering matters, but we keep it in a human framework.  This is why I believe the list 
has been so successful.

Bill Cain, SE
Oakland, CA