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RE: signing plans by others

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From:	Lynn Howard [SMTP:lhoward(--nospam--at)]
This is a very informal list.  Especially for some of the 
engineers who
work in very small offices, this is more than just a way to 
technical information.
[Dennis S. Wish PE]  So aptly put, Lynn. The SEAOC Listservice 
has provided a source of peer review and assistance to my 
practice that I was never able to obtain living in a major city. 
I believe it is because we are afraid to pick up a phone or go 
into one or our competitors offices and ask for advice. The list 
has created a channel of active participating small office (and 
large) support teams that provide a service to one another that 
is essential to the progress of our practices.
I am amazed at times how much support I have received and how 
much I have learned from the particpants on this list. You can 
also consider it from this aspect. I, for one, spent most of my 
experience years working in Aerospace - which was not that 
challenging to me (a facility engineer). After leaving 
Aerospace, I entered the private sector specializing in URM 
retrofit and wood framing. Although I have had an extensive 
background in seismic and unreinforced masonry, I lack many 
skills that I need to learn as I go along. This list fills the 
void by providing a similar education to me in much the same way 
as gaining work experience from hundreds of engineers. We can, 
not only learn from each other, but have the ability to 
diseminate information from multiple sources and use our own 
judgement to determine what is best or correct to solve our 
particular problem.
Gee, maybe they ought to give continuing education credits to 
those on the list!
I think I can put up with the HP48 vs 41 discussions - it does 
bring back some nostalga in much the same way as our first slide 
rule (admittedly mine came three years before the first Royal 
four function Calculator for $100.00).
There will be many more times for the complacency to change to 
passionate debates - just enjoy the peace for a little while 
until things heat up.
Welcome to the List.
Dennis Wish PE

BTW, does anyone have any information regarding SEAOC's efforts 
to promote continuing education requirements for contractor 
licensing. I heard of this today and found out that it is not 
commonly known. This is such an important issue that we need to 
back SEAOC and offer support to move this agenda ahead.
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