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Re: signing plans by others

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Welcome to the list!  People from all over the world subscribe to this
list, not just local Southern California types.  That is also what makes
this list very interesting at times.  One tip for you, ~  to get the
most out of the list, take what there is of value here for you, and let
the other stuff go.  You don't have to read every post, I don't.
This is a very informal list.  Especially for some of the engineers who
work in very small offices, this is more than just a way to exchange
technical information.  Most of the time the topics are very technical
in nature, but I for one welcome the threads that do not always stay
within so-called boundaries.  Having said this, I also believe that
"two-way" conversations that happen from time to time on this list that
have little to do with topics of interest to all should be taken place
via private e-mail.  I know on some topics I have one thread that goes
to the list, and another thread about the same topic that goes on
between just a few people via private e-mail.  There are things I have
to say to certain individuals that I know are of no interest to the
list.  Other times, I have opinions that I am comfortable expressing to
certain individuals that I would not want to share with the list in fear
of being attacked for an unpopular view I might have.

Anyway, my advice to any list participant would be to take and
contribute on the list at a level where you feel comfortable, and pay no
attention to the stuff you think is silly.  To others it may in fact
have some value.


Jensen, Wade wrote:

> That would probably be because I have lived in Southern California for
> a
> whole four weeks, and have been subscribing to the list for three
> weeks.
>  Most all of the posts have been highly informative and educational,
> and
> I thank all of you for that.  I have heard many intelligent and
> creative
> solutions to problems.  I just don't want to see this turn into a "I'm
> better than you" type of atmosphere, I think we're all above that.
> This
> is not a personal vendetta against anyone, just hopefully some
> preventative medicine for the future.  Your apology is most certainly
> accepted, Mr. Allen.  I'll leave it at that, and drop the subject
> altogether.
> Wade Jensen
> DMJM - Los Angeles