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Re: HP48G

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Roger Turk wrote:

> I think that what happens is that the stack does
> not discard
> entries after it scrolls off the display, but
> stores them in
> memory.  After a while, as the memory fills, the
> calculator slows
> down, then stops.


>  am
> *starting* to get use to the STO ' A command and
> the <right
> arrow> RCL ' A commands.  (I think I got the
> commands right --- I
> use them so seldom now.)

A quick way to get info out of a variable that has
already been stored is to do a right shift
followed by pressing the menu key that is
associated with the variable.  (The left shift
does a 'store').

Stan Johnson
BS, EIT, Actually went to an HP picnic once.
Quite enjoyable.  They even had a couple of
carnival rides  : )