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RE: signing plans by others -Reply*15

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I second your thoughts about Austin (spent a very enjoyable year there
designing a water treatment plant). but ...    


(Sorry, Bill, da debbil made me do it.)
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>Sent: 	Thursday, July 24, 1997 10:16 AM
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>Subject: 	Re: signing plans by others -Reply*15
>A while back, you wrote:
>I assume that you (unlike me) are a native Texan, because
>> >there is no other explanation for UTEP.  What led you astray?
>BTW, UTEP does have a pretty good engineering program. One of my classmates
>is now mayor of El Paso, another is president of the 2nd largest SE firm in
>EP (I know
>this is not Dallas, but it ain't bad), another is President of a 12 man CE
>firm, another is
>President of the Civil Engineering arm of Accugraph and I believe, after
>visiting me, seeing
>where I live and checking out my lifestyle, they all would conclude I
>haven't done so bad
>At the time, we received scores from out EIT exam even if we passed. This
>was a relative
>score (percentile basis) compared with the other examinees in the state. I
>set a school record that I believe still stands with a score of 97th
>percentile. I could not have done that with a background from a poor
>engineering school.
>After I got out of the Navy, I knew I wanted to live in CA. I also wanted
>to go to Berkeley. But
>I did not think I was capable at the time of supporting myself and go to
>school. So I went home and lived with Mom and Dad. I finished my BSCE in 3
>years (w/3.5 in Major, 3.05 overall working part time for gas money) and
>only seriously interviewed companies from CA.
>I did have other educational opportunities in TX. Out of high school, I was
>one of three
>recipients from El Paso to get a 4 year ROTC scholorship to UT Austin. I
>turned that down
>because I realized that it would be 10 years before I could make another
>decision about my
>life. After UTEP, I was accepted in a Master's program at A&M, but turned
>that down to come
>to CA. I got my MSCE at USC.
>I consider the two redeeming features of TX to be the Cowboys and Austin.
>I just couldn't let you get away with that slam on my alma mater.
>Bill Allen