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Re: AN - Holdown Placement

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I need some help from all of you sage engineers.

I just got a call from a framer that is constructing a residence for
which I did the structural calcs. There are some walls that are in the
front of the house that had HD5A's with 4x4 posts and SSTB24's called
for at the ends of the wall panels. On the posts that are at a corner
the concrete sub place the SSTB's in the wall that  is perpendicular to
the front of the house (the side wall). The HD5A is still being attached
to the 4x4 post as called for, but is not in the plane of the shear
wall. The uplift force is about 3200 lb from wind, not seismic.

Is this a problem? Often when I calc the HD's for two intersecting walls
I only specify that the larger HD be installed. Am I wrong on this also?
Is out of plane eccentricity a problem?

I know that this can be remedied by epoxy set AB's but I don't want to
have them incur that cost if it really isn't necessary.


Ken Reed, PE
Redding, CA